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"Sharon's contribution to the success of Porter Novelli's network management is immeasurable. Her ability to switch from the simplest of tasks to the most complex and complete both successfully with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm won her many friends and admirers from across the globe. Sharon is the perfect 'virtual' assistant - I spent many months 'on the road' and so have experience of her guiding hand from afar. She is tireless in her pursuit of excellence and delivers on time and to the highest possible standards."

Ada Parr, Partner and Director Global Network, Porter Novelli 

"Sharon controlled my life for three years when I was the UK's
Permanent Representative covering 18 international organisations in Geneva in the
late 1990s. Her job required top-class technical skills combined with
mega-efficient organisational ability - plus the ability to network in a
multinational environment and to handle very senior contacts and visitors.
She sailed through this. Sharon is a perfectionist who demands the highest
standards from herself and expects the same from her work colleagues."

Sir Roderic Lyne, KBE, CMG



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